Coaching Staff


Trent Seamons, Head Coach #17
Birthdate:  November 7, 1989
Hometown:  Hailey, ID
Current City: Pocatello, ID
Favorite MLB Team:  Colorado Rockies
Playing Experience:  Wood River High School (3 years), Treasure Valley Community College, Campbellsville University, Idaho State University
Coaching Experience:  American Legion, Hailey, ID (4 years), Gate City Grays

Darrell Cunningham, General Manager/Asst. Coach #76
Birthdate:  February 22, 1980
Hometown: Pocatello
Current City: Pocatello
Favorite MLB Team: Washington Nationals
Favorite Hobby:  Spending time with my wife, Cassie Cunnigham.

Richy Gaona, Asst. Coach #7
Birthdate: December 12, 1987
Hometown: Middleton, ID
Current City: Pocatello, ID
Favorite MLB Team: Seattle Mariners
Favorite Hobby:  Any activity I do with my wife! Dancing, reading, riding bikes, hosting dinner parties, etc. I always love trying new things, and as long as the activity calls for adventure and enjoyment, you can count me in!